A successful strategy requires an all-encompassing view and attention to all areas of Digital Marketing. We believe that Digital Marketing should not be viewed as a once-off project but rather as a continuous effort & promotion of your brand.

We work with you to develop an active digital strategy, including quarterly competitor analysis & extensive research to ensure we have a full understanding of your industry and how we can help differentiate your brand. 

We lower the barrier to entry for our clients through providing:

  • Unique Packaged Solutions 
  • Continuous Updating & Adapting of Content & Targeting
  • We have a Holistic View of the Digital Marketing Space
  • Cost- Effectiveness – Based per month, not per project
  • Transparency – Built-in, dedicated monthly media spend and no surprises after the fact
  • Custom Artwork and Design Services


The 360° Marketing Approach has its roots in the holistic marketing philosophy and is one of the most sought-after approaches among brands. 

A 360° Marketing Campaign is a complete creative campaign idea across all the brand’s marketing mix elements, designed to implement a brand strategy. 

A 360° Marketing Campaign focuses on communicating a consistent message through all the marketing mix elements, including above-the- line and below-the-line marketing to create a solid and effective through the line strategy. 

About Us

Buzzmo.io is an innovative through-the-line Marketing agency. We work with our clients to create a strong & cohesive, all inclusive 360° presence by delivering results-oriented campaigns & proven return on investment. 

With Digital Marketing at our core, Buzzmo offers Social Media, Website Development & Design, Content Creation, Activations, Graphic Design as well as OOH Design & Waze Advertising and Full-Scale Signage and Printing Solutions. 

We use a strategic combination of our creative expertise, analytics, and targeting to drive engagement & awareness for our brands. The Buzzmo approach consists of constantly tweaking & updating messaging, artwork & targeting to make sure we are always in line with your unique goals.


Our approach involves budget-based pricing, strategically created to suit individual companies & brands. Once you have chosen your route, we are able to tailor a package to suit your unique business needs. Through an in-depth collaboration meeting & detailed analysis, we decide the best way forward to achieve your marketing goals.

Digital Marketing can harness great results early on but the real beauty lies in the analysis of the numbers from month to month. We advise our clients to sign on with us for 3 months (1 quarter) initially to ensure we are able to gather enough information to advise & strategise accurately. By planning for the months ahead, we are able to dissect the data & generate strategies that meet your goals & prove return on investment.

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