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Hi, I’m Heather – the Owner and Creative Head of Buzzmo.  Artistic & omnific by nature, I have been fascinated by the magic of marketing & branding since I was a child. Through my qualifications in Marketing Management, I was able to better understand the depths of my field, which fueled my passion & excitement even more, pairing logic & imagination. 

After many years in agency & client service, I took a leap & started Buzzmo Digital Marketing in the middle of the pandemic, after realizing a distinct gap in how small and medium-sized businesses were able to market themselves. We started in my small home office, with a couple of small social media clients & in just over a year, we have grown to a full-service marketing agency, offering a wide range of creative solutions, including social media management & website development, digital advertising, professional branding & graphic design services. 

At Buzzmo, we use a strategic combination of our creative expertise, analytics, & inspiration to drive engagement & awareness for our valued brands & partners.


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We believe that Marketing & advertising should not be viewed as a once-off project but rather as a continuous effort & promotion of your brand.

We work with you to develop an active marketing strategy, including competitor analysis & extensive industry research to ensure we have a full understanding of your niche & how we can differentiate your brand.  

The Buzzmo approach consists of constantly tweaking & updating messaging, artwork & targeting to make sure we are always in line with your unique goals.

About Us

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